Why a Membership Practice? 1-2-3

pure chiro girls1.) AFFORDABLE: lay offs, insurance cut backs, higher deductibles, and higher co-pays prevent people from getting the chiropractic adjustments that they need. With an average adjustment being around $45, that can really add up, especially for a family. Also it can be difficult for a person to pay the start up cost, between $50-$300, another deterrent from starting chiropractic care.

At Pure Chiropractic there is NO start up cost. The first adjustment is ALWAYS at the special introductory rate of $30. After that if you want to add regular chiropractic adjustments to your healthy lifestyle, monthly memberships start at $79/month.


2.) CONVENIENT: most people don’t have 30 minutes or more a week to go to the chiropractor and wait…..and usually the first visit is at least an hour. With the busy lifestyle of most families and individuals today, making an appointment and being on time can be challenging and actually add more stress to the day.

There is no lengthy initial visit at Pure Chiropractic, it takes around 10 minutes. There are no appointments, walk in during office hours and you will be seen right away! Always little to no wait. Adjustments are straight forward, taking approximately 5 minutes. 🙂 

3.) A BETTER LIFE: Do you want to have an increased sense of well-being now and into the future?



Dr. Rassel knows from over 40 years experience (being adjusted from birth herself) that REGULAR chiropractic care (approximately once a week), especially starting at a young age, is what allows a person to express their MAXIMUM health potential. Getting “cracked” only when symptoms occur just temporarily treats them. Dr. Rassel focuses on the CAUSE of the person’s dis-function allowing the body to heal itself and then express it’s full power from the inside out!

Dr. Rassel specifically adjusts the spine for one purpose only and that is to remove nerve interference which causes the body to function abnormally. When the vertebrae in the spine are in proper alignment the spinal nerves have a better chance of allowing communication between the brain (the master controller) and the body. Better body function = better expression of health, increasing the sense of ease and well-being.