A Unique Practice Style

How Pure Chiropractic – A Membership Practice works:


Pure Chiropractic runs similar to a fitness gym, being convenient and affordable for almost ANYONE! The membership agreement is one year, with a low monthly fee automatically deducted from your checking account. This covers ALL the adjustments you need for the month.

There are no appointments. Come in during office hours that are convenient for your schedule (including Saturdays) to get your adjustment and be on your way! There is little to no wait because adjustments are so quick.

Located in the Grand Traverse mall, there is ample parking, and you can do other errands while there. (Target, movie theater, TJMaxx, indoor tree house, food court, MANY stores, hair salons, and other services.)

Discount Punch cards are also available. (perfect for out of town people who frequent Traverse City)