About Dr. David Lowry, D.C.

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Dr. David R. Lowry, D.C. came to Pure Chiropractic February, 2018. He has years of experience after running his own practice in Gaylord, MI and working with several large practices over the past seven years.
He graduated from Life University in 1997 where he studied a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques and took a special interest in nutrition and pediatric chiropractic.
Along with his expertise in technique and nutrition, Dr. Lowry loves working one on one with people to educate them on the benefits of  chiropractic care and making lifestyle changes that will enhance the quality of their life. While also enjoying doing speaking engagements and educating the public on various aspects of health, he knows the “rubber meets the road” when patients get his personal attention.
Dr. Lowry is eager to help improve the health and wellness of the Traverse City community, taking a hands on approach to helping every man, woman and child reach their God given potential in all aspects of life.
Outside of serving patients and the community, Dr. Lowry enjoys spending time with his two sons David, Jr. and Liam. He enjoys the outdoors, boating, and golf. Dr. Lowry is also passionate about continually educating himself on all aspects of health. He enjoys increasing his knowledge on different cultures, reading books on philosophy, psychology, Christianity, and Buddhism, to better understand the inner workings of the human mind. In fact one of Dr. Lowry’s favorite quotes is, “your mind is like a parachute, it will not work unless it is open.”
Dr. Lowry looks forward to meeting you and your family at Pure Chiropractic!